Residential Fire Proofing

TIS Ltd provide professional fireproofing services to private property owners and local authorities who are responsible for multi-unit social housing in Cork and throughout Munster.

Housing authorities are responsible for ensuring their multi-storey, multi-unit social housing buildings have appropriate fire safety measures in place.

Our team of fully accredited fire stopping experts plan and install passive fire protection systems in both new and existing private sector and social housing units.

Fire proofing and fire stopping solutions available with TIS Ltd include:

  • Fire stopping Compounds (Mortars)

  • Firestop Cavity Barriers

  • GF Firestopping

  • Intumescent Coated Batts

  • Mastic Seals

  • Pipe Collars

Fire proofing is one of the most important safety precautions a building can implement during construction. We ensure housing authorities and private landlords their domestic buildings implement effective fire proofing solutions in new and existing properties.

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Why Choose TIS Ltd For Residential Fire Proofing


Compliant With Building Regulations

TIS Ltd install all fire stopping products and materials as per manufacturer specifications and in compliance with the latest Building Control Regulations in Ireland.



We have been fire proofing social housing units and residential buildings for decades. Our experience, professionalism and the quality of our completed residential projects have allowed TIS Ltd to become a leading fire proofing contractor.



Our prices reflect the efficiency of our application process and the quality of the completed application in residential buildings and social housing units.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can fire stopping solutions be retro-fitted into an existing residential building?

    Yes. We are well accustomed to completing retro-fit solutions for residential buildings that provide clients with a practical way of sealing compartments of their property.

  • At what temperature does intumescent paint react?

    Intumescent paint reacts when its temperature attains or exceeds 120°C. The process results in a soft charring effect at its surface and the release of water vapour which helps to cool the substrate.