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Cast Industrial Insulation are insulation experts. We provide customers with a wide variety of industrial insulation services, each designed to enhance system processes while reducing emissions and energy usage.

Our Industrial Insulation Services

Pipe Work Insulation

Ductwork Insulation

Equipment Insulation

Vessel Insulation

All Forms of Cladding

All Forms of Cold Works

Plant Maintenance

Plant Modifications

Shutdowns & Turnarounds


Heat Tracing

ID Labelling

Hot/Cold Protection

Personal Protection

Heat Conservation

We also specialise in helping you maintain your installations by applying a finishing seal to completed works. This preventative measure can contribute to the reduction of costs.

TIS Ltd are insulation experts. Call us for a quote.

Benefits of Industrial Insulation

There are many benefits to the installation of insulation in any industrial environment. Call TIS Ltd today and start to reap the benefits yourself, such as:

High thermal performance

Energy savings

Personal Protection

Condensation Control

Noise Reduction

Reduction of emissions and energy usage, resulting in a greener, more energy efficient working environment

Our clients come from all different backgrounds, some examples being mechanical engineering, construction, pharmaceutical and chemical. Get in touch with us today to speak with a member of our team about your industrial insulation requirements.

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