About Us

Located just outside the heart of Cork City, TIS Ltd has over 22 years of experience in providing a superior level of service to clients across Ireland and the U.K.

Whether you are an industrial client who requires a full insulation service or a commercial client who is looking for regular cleaning of their commercial space, TIS Ltd can get the job done using exceptional attention to detail.

Green Company

Here at TIS Ltd, we recognise the impact certain works can have on our environment. With us, you can rest assured that we carry out all work with a view to minimising damage to the environment. As global warming becomes an ever more worrying issue, we do all we can to ensure we remain as environmentally responsible as possible. For example, we use a wide range of recycled materials in our works.

Best Practice

TIS Ltd employs the ethos of Best Practice when carrying out all contracts. This means that you, the client, will always receive the highest standard of work possible. For larger scale projects, we encourage our clients to employ another company alongside side us. Because the 2 insulation companies will be in direct competition with one another, the client is guaranteed a higher standard of results and both insulation companies strive to produce the better quality work.

TIS Ltd works with clients across all industrial sectors. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Why Choose TIS Ltd

  • Over 22 Years of Experience

  • Green Company

  • Very Competitive Rates

  • High Standard of Workmanship

  • Superior Quality Products

  • Reliable, Professional Service

  • Operates in Ireland & the U.K

  • Work Always Carried Out to Schedule

  • Work Comes with a Labour & Manufacturer Guarantee

To hear more about what we can do for you, why not give us a call today? We would be happy to discuss your needs with you.