Fire Protection Services

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Intumescent Paint

TIS Ltd reinforce surfaces and structural elements for steel construction projects by applying intumescent coatings without compromising on aesthetic finishes or basic functionalities.

We ensure every project complies fully with building regulations as part of our commitment to following the strictest standards of quality control.

Structural Steel Fire Protection

We have over 22 years' of experience in helping clients protect complex building structures and can recommend appropriate products for specific building elements such as soundproofing or thermal insulation.

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Firestopping & Penetration Sealing

Our team inspect building compartments, ducts, pipes and joints in order to identify whether they adhere to rigorous fire safety standards.

As firestopping specialists, we will ensure your project is fully compliant with the latest building regulations and industry standards.


The spread of smoke and toxic gases throughout a building pose the single biggest threat against evacuating a building safely in the event of a fire.

Compartmentation controls the effects of smoke by protecting all sources of airflow - pipes, rafters, air ducts and ceiling voids - with fire-resistant materials.

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Cavity Barriers & Acoustic Seals

Cavity barriers act as an effective passive fire protection measure as they are made from fire-resistant or intumescent materials. We inspect and install cavity barriers for clients throughout Ireland and the UK.

Clients can also benefit from acoustic seals in their building structures which help with enhanced sound reduction and water proofing.

Fire Risk Surveys

TIS Ltd conduct thorough and comprehensive fire risk surveys for residential and commercial properties in Ireland and throughout the UK.

We ensure our clients comply with the latest legal requirements for fire safety systems by helping them implement solutions that adhere to building regulations specifically related to their structure.