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Based in Cork, TIS Ltd provides first rate industrial insulation and maintenance services to multitudes of clients across Ireland and the U.K.

We pride ourselves on a keenly priced service that is carried out using only the highest quality products on the market.

With TIS Ltd, you’ll be getting a thoroughly experienced, reliable service that can be counted on.

Cast Industrial Insulation


Whether you are an industrial client who requires a full insulation service or a Local Authority looking to ensure they have appropriate fire safety measures in place for social housing, TIS Ltd can get the job done using exceptional attention to detail.



Our team of fully accredited fire stopping experts plan and install passive fire protection systems in both new and existing private sector and multi-unit social housing buildings.

Building Inspection


We will perform a complete audit of your current fire safety processes and infrastructure, highlighting any areas of non-compliance and making suggestions on how to ensure you can comply with all relevant fire safety regulations.

Cast Industrial Insulation


Learn more about TIS Ltd and the range of projects our team have completed across a wide variety of industries in Cork and throughout Ireland.

Cast Industrial Insulation


TIS Ltd are insulation experts. We provide customers with a wide variety of industrial insulation services, each designed to enhance system processes while reducing emissions and energy usage.

TSI Ltd.


TIS Ltd provides commercial industrial clients with professional fireproofing services.
Fireproofing is one of the most important safety precautions a building can implement during construction.

TIS Ltd specialises in industrial insulation and maintenance services. Call us for a quote.

Our Services

We provide a range of industrial insulation and maintenance services designed for safety and convenience in the workplace.

These services include:

All Forms of Cladding

All Forms of Cold Works

Building Inspection Reports

Commercial Cleaning

Ductwork Insulation

Equipment Insulation

Fire Proofing

Heat Conservation

Heat Tracing

Hot/Cold Protection

ID Labelling

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Painting


Personal Protection

Pipe Work Insulation

Plant Maintenance

Plant Modifications

Shutdowns & Turnarounds

Vessel Insulation

Our Clients

We have an array of clients who rely us time and time again to provide them with our superior quality industrial insulation, maintenance, building inspection reports and fireproofing services. Our clients come from all different classifications of industries, including:

Mechanical Engineers

Construction Companies

Quantity Surveyors


City Tenders

Pharmaceutical Factories

Chemical Factories

Commercial Offices

(Commercial Cleaning Service)

Domestic & Social Housing Authorities

Plus many more. Whatever your own requirements for industrial insulation throughout Ireland and the U.K, get in touch today to hear more information.

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